Raising the Bar ... for You, Our Clients!

By: Team Beauchesne

Raising the Bar ... for You, Our Clients!

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Now the #1 Re/Max Franchise in the World and the #1 Brokerage in Ontario!

What does this mean?

Team Beauchesne will continue to offer the outstanding customer service that our clients know and expect.

Team Beauchesne will continue to have the support of Re/Max management teams and over 120,000 real estate agents from all around the world.

Locally, we have over 1,500 realtors in 26 offices throughout Ontario working with us to find qualified buyers for our sellers' homes, and to find the right homes to meet the needs of our purchasers.

So, again - What does this mean?

It means that we will continue to value our clients, their referrals and our community partnerships.

Team Beauchesne will continue to offer outstanding service, personalized support, knowledgeable market information and leading-edge marketing initiatives to each and every client we work with.

When you work with Team Beauchesne - It's All About You!


RE/MAX Hallmark Chay Realty, Brokerage


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