Looking for another reason to love living in Barrie? Barrie is among the safest places to live in Canada!

In response to this Statistics Canada report, City of Barrie Mayor - Jeff Lehman remarks "Barrie's has the 2nd lowest crime index in Canada in 2016, according to Statistics Canada. Congratulations to Barrie Police, whose community oriented policing strategies have helped bring about a 40% drop in crime over the past ten years. And thank you to all the organizations in Barrie who partner with our police and help us make our city safer.  All the statistics are at the link below along with an in-depth look at trends in crime in Canada.  I think it's interesting to see how the reality matches (or doesn't) perception."

A safe community adds value to our homes and properties. We already know Barrie is a great place to live, now there are stats too!

Statistics Canada - Police Reported Crime Statistics 2016

City of Barrie - Website


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