Team Beauchesne is proud to make a donation to both these great charities on behalf of each and every buyer and seller.

Team Beauchesne is also proud to support the following charities through donations, fundraising and volunteering.

  Gilda´s Club is a place to find inspiration in a community atmosphere with others who are facing cancer.                                                                 

Committed to providing quality programs and services to women in Simcoe County who are survivors of gender-based abuse and violence.

Working towards a community where no one is hungry!

Our Vision; An end to chronic & episodic youth homeless

Our Mission Supporting Simcoe County at-risk homeless youth with a safe caring place to grow

Finding Them Homes’ mission is to help communities along Ontario’s James Bay coast and other remote locations reduce the over-population of dogs by finding forever homes for them, running spay/neuter clinics in the communities, and providing donated food and supplies to them.